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Your first visit

At your initial visit to us, you will be welcomed at our reception where you will fill in a simple registration form to provide any other details, such as private medical insurance.


Your assigned physiotherapist will ask you questions regarding your medical history, general health plus any relevant information regarding your current problem.


You will then be given a physical examination and undergo tests to give a working diagnosis and determine a treatment plan based on your individual needs. This session will also include your first treatment tailored to suit your individual problem.


Your Physiotherapist will fully explain every procedure. In most cases a first visit lasts between 45 minutes and one hour.

All physiotherapy at is carried out by experienced and enthusiastic physiotherapists who enjoy their job and who enjoy supporting our patients. The main focus of all our physiotherapists is to get you as good as possible in as quick as possible time.

The friendly and caring approach taken by all our physiotherapists, alongside their extensive experience, means that you can be confident that any treatment you receive is of the highest quality. We provide the same high quality standards to patients at all levels of ability.

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