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Leg Injury

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions we often get asked. If your question is not answered, or if you seek further information about our service please contact us on 0161 929 4744 or email

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment used to help with the pain relief, healing and rehabilitation of most medical and surgical conditions. It is appropriate for a range of muscle, joint and nerve conditions whether resulting from injury, illness or disability.


Is physiotherapy massage?

No, physiotherapy is much more than massage, although specific massage techniques may be used if they are regarded as an appropriate treatment to aid your recovery. Physiotherapy treatment can include manual therapy (moving your joints), soft tissue mobilisation (such as massage), acupuncture and electrotherapy, plus many more treatment options.

What types of problem can physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy can be used to help manage a wide variety of health conditions that affect many of the body’s systems. Most often these conditions relate to problems with bones, nerves, joints and soft tissues. A few day to day examples of these are painful backs, necks and joints, sports injuries, injury resulting from accidents or rehabilitation after surgery or strokes.

What does the treatment involve? / What treatments will you use?

Your physiotherapist will begin with a full assessment and physical examination to establish the cause and nature of your condition. After this, the physiotherapist will look at the results and consider your past medical history to determine, in conjunction with your wishes, what treatment is most fitting for your needs and create a personalised treatment plan.

What should I wear?

Wear some comfortable clothing such as a loose top, tracksuit or shorts and trainers that you feel able to move around in easily. Physiotherapists need to visually assess you in terms of movement and posture, as well as move different areas of your body, so these need to be accessible and visible.

How long do sessions last?

The first appointment will involve a full assessment and will take 45 – 60 minutes. Your following sessions will usually last for around 30 minutes, but can depend on what your treatment plan you require

Do you get treatment on your initial appointment?

Your first session will involve a full assessment and treatment.

Do I need to see my doctor first?

If you are self-referring and paying for your own treatment then you do not need to see your GP first. If you use private medical insurance you may require a GP’s referral, depending on your insurer’s requirement. You should always check with your insurance company before attending your first session.

Can I bring someone with me?

You are more than welcome to have someone chaperone you during your treatment. In some cases a chaperone is compulsory, such as for children or someone with special needs.

Is parking available?

Free onsite car parking with disabled access is available at our clinic.

How effective is physiotherapy?

In the vast majority of cases physiotherapy is considered extremely effective for appropriate conditions. Evidenced based research suggests that physiotherapy significantly improves the rehabilitation and recovery of these conditions, as well as being instrumental in the prevention of further injury.

How will payment be taken?

For all bookings payment will be taken at the time of the appointment.

Can I pay using my Private Medical Insurance?

If you wish to use a health insurance product to fund your treatment and would like us to bill your insurer directly, please call telephone us on 0161 929 4744 making sure you have your insurance details to hand.

Why choose Cheshire Physiotherapy Centre?

Our patients tell us that they come to us for physiotherapy as our clinic is easy to get to with free parking facilities and close to public transport and our patients know that they are being treated with the best possible approach to get them back to good health. Our physiotherapists are Chartered Physiotherapists and are highly skilled, trained and registered to practise.


We invest in developing our physiotherapists, who all practise to best care protocols, ensuring you know the treatment you get is the right approach to maximise your recovery. All treatment plans and sessions are monitored so that each physiotherapist can assure you of the quality care they offer.

How many sessions will I need?

Your physiotherapy treatment is tailored to your individual needs, so it is not possible to advise in advance how many sessions will be required. At the first appointment your physiotherapist will suggest the number of treatments you will require based on the assessment findings.

Can I stop treatment at any time?

Yes, you can stop your treatment at any time. However, we do recommend that you complete the planned treatment course as some effects are temporary and require repeated session to have a long term impact. If you do stop treatment you are welcome to return to physiotherapy when this suits you. If this period is longer than six weeks the physiotherapist will need to complete a full review of your initial assessment before recommencing treatment.


We take all concerns and complaints seriously and will make every effort to resolve them to your complete satisfaction. We also regularly review all feedback to continuously improve your experience with us.

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