Back and neck pain

One of the most frequent reasons clients visit a Physiotherapist is back and neck pain.


Back and neck pain can be one of the most disabling musculoskeletal conditions. It can range from localised muscle spasm, which can limit all movement in the back, through to sciatica and lower back pain. Back pain can start due to an identifiable injury caused by stretching or by lifting awkwardly. There can also be a gradual onset for no apparent reason.


Here at the Cheshire Physiotherapy Centre our Physiotherapists are highly experienced in the treatment of back and neck pain. From diagnosis and treatment, through to advice on exercise and posture correction, we can work with you to alleviate pain and help to prevent future episodes of back and neck pain.


Shockwave therapy treats various problems within soft tissue areas which have proved resistant to more conventional treatments, such as tennis elbow, Achilles or patella tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.


Find out more about shockwave therapy and how it can help you in your recovery.